Start-Up City

ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE – Atlanta is a hotbed for young fintech companies that are putting down roots and growing. From start-ups to organizations looking to expand their reach from Europe to the U.S., Atlanta is a thriving market.

Focus on Fintech

ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE – The growth of the payments industry in Atlanta has generated the creation of organizations and events to support, educate and drive the industry forward. Since it was formed in 2013, the American Transaction Processors Coalition (ATPC) has not only served as a voice for the industry in government, but also a booster of Atlanta as a place to do business.

Q&A: Bruce Lowthers

ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE – Bruce Lowthers is co-chief operating officer of financial technology company FIS, where he develops and delivers FIS’ banking, wealth, payments and treasury offerings for financial institutions, retail, government and corporate clients in North America.

The World of Payments is Changing

ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE – The ancient British university city of Cambridge may at first glance seem far removed from the sleek payments industry of modern Atlanta, but in fact Cambridge has emerged as a vital research link in understanding the fast-changing nature of today’s global financial transactions.

Pillars of Potential

ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE – P20 was conceived in Atlanta and formed at a meeting in London between the American Transaction Processors Coalition (ATPC) and representatives from the U.K. payments industry, government and regulators.

P20: Uniting the World of Payments

PAYMENTS & CARDS NETWORK – The world of payments is a rapidly changing, ever expansive industry with seemingly unlimited capabilities. Generating trillions of dollars in revenue over multiple platforms – ranging from mobile wallets to digitally assisted purchases made through voice-activated speakers – the payments industry will continue to grow as we expand technologically.