Eileen Nebhut with P20 (Payments 20)

BUSINESS RADIO X – Eileen Nebhut with P20 (Payments 20) Eileen Nebhut is vice president of P20. Based in Atlanta, she cultivates partnerships across payment and fintech companies plus the government and regulatory arenas, which includes frequent travel to London, P20’s sister city.

Payments Power Players

ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE – Georgia is a center for movie production and Atlanta is often called the Hollywood of the South, but another industry with deep roots in the Peach State brings in revenues that are just as impressive. Atlanta is the payments processing capital of the world. Over seventy percent of all payment transactions go through Georgia’s “Transaction Alley.”

Start-Up City

ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE – Atlanta is a hotbed for young fintech companies that are putting down roots and growing. From start-ups to organizations looking to expand their reach from Europe to the U.S., Atlanta is a thriving market.

Focus on Fintech

ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE – The growth of the payments industry in Atlanta has generated the creation of organizations and events to support, educate and drive the industry forward. Since it was formed in 2013, the American Transaction Processors Coalition (ATPC) has not only served as a voice for the industry in government, but also a booster of Atlanta as a place to do business.