Hello, I’m H. West Richards, founder and president of P20. Short for Payments 20, P20 is an international response to the ever-increasing need for greater regulatory clarity, consumer security and collaborative innovation in the payments industry and related aspects of fintech. Our goal: to make payments accessible, affordable and secure for all.

P20 showcases Atlanta’s incredibly successful payments industry – over 100 companies that make up Georgia’s Transaction Alley – and our transatlantic partners with whom we have formed a unique alliance. P20 links Atlanta, home of the American Transaction Processors Coalition (ATPC), and London, global financial services powerhouse, with the annual P20 conference, dubbed “the Davos of Payments.” The annual conference rotates between London and Atlanta.

Throughout the year, P20 champions the interests of the payments industry with an initial focus on U.S. and U.K. cooperation across industry, government and regulatory spheres. The two countries are natural partners to provide international leadership in shaping the business and innovation friendly regulatory frameworks of the future. We embrace four guiding pillars: cybersecurity, regulation, innovation and financial inclusion. By moving the payments industry forward in each of these areas, P20 will positively reshape the global payments landscape.

We are thrilled to host the 2018 P20 conference in Atlanta this October at the landmark Atlanta History Center, following the inaugural meeting at Lancaster House in London last year. The conference will highlight progress toward our goals in each of the pillar areas, simultaneously bringing Atlanta front and center on the world payments stage.